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This is a list* of paintings I have sold so far: 2009-10-11; its a signal to all my well-wishers that am still eating and staying afloat in this prolonged financial mess!!

I am no ‘paint-by-night-sell-by-day-acrylic-on-canvas-artist’!!

I have never hung on (like parasites do) to an art institutionº or go from one Foreign Aid/ Scholarship to another to stay afloat.. I have never tired to get into any art college do my ‘Masters’ and more!!

I didn’t had to create Video Art, installation art etc. to stay in news…

I have kept it simple by the old fashion way, old school style of painting and painting with Oils (mostly) on Linen – the classic time-tested medium of the Masters!! My paintings are simple and the titles are kept as simple as possible… using the the KISS theory: Keep-It-Simple-Stupid!! I know I could have sold more if my paintings were titled say ‘Metamorphosis’¹ and not ‘Yellow Rose in Blue Vase’!!

 I don’t go into the territory of ‘Fantasia Art’ or ‘Naive Art’ (or is it ‘Child Art’?)²

I don’t try to take on the Folk or Tribal³ art and reinvent them!!


ºArt institutions & Art Scholarships

 I went to art college, just after my school years.. I was young and naive then… but realised the first day in there, that I haven’t got anything much to learn here… so once I complete my 4 years I ran as fast as I could!! To start my real learning of art!!

Am of course referring here to the tribe of artists; who after they have finished their basic Bachelor degrees in Art went on do their Masters etc and later latched on to any “foreign Study Aid/Scholarships/Freebies”!! Last I heard, some of them are still at it!! It’s been more than 20 long years that we graduated from our art college (1990).

I had no idea one has to study(?) so much for so long to become an artist!! The fact of the matter is that these institutions/scholarships are of financial benefits and these artists manage to live off them permanently!!


 During my college days there was a junior who had put up his paintings for our yearly college art show.. and titled them as ‘Metamorphosis’.

I knew him as one who didn’t know a word of English and of course had never heard of ‘Kafka’ etc …so when I asked him why and does he know the meaning?

“No, it’s to impress the art collectors!!” was his reply with a sly smile!! A fast learner… now his works sell at astronomical prices!!

This is a very old trick in an artists’ repertoire.. to keep his works and titles as ambiguous as possible.. as display of the artists’ maturity and depth of emotion etc… Once I made a list of names, titles of exhibitions, paintings…and showed it to an English professor… he was of course dumb founded!! It was meaningless, mindless, gibberish rubbish!!! But to art loving Indian collectors it must have made sense.. for they all rushed in to buy them!!

Example of Child or Naive Art

²Have you seen a child’s painting? They are so beautiful and I don’t see any reason for us adults to steal their ideas and paint like them and then sell them to art connoisseur at exuberant prices!! Its not fair to the child!!

Thangka, Tanjore, Kalamkari & Madhubani Paintings (l to r)

³Folk, Tribal Art and It’s Reinvention by the ‘Con’ temporary artists!!!

 In the same way why take the forms from ‘Thangka’ art or ‘Kalamkari’? Let them be… they anyway do a much better job of painting a Buddha or a Krishna!! And they are much more reasonably priced than the ones copied by so called ‘contempory artist’!!

These trends can only be explained with a bit of our (Indian) art history.. dating back when Nationalism was in rise during the fag end of nineteenth century 1890s) and beginning of twentieth century (1900-47). Many artist consciously-subconsciously wanted to reject anything which was coming from the West.. Western art etc and so they looked inward, in their backyard.. and to the Oriental art. Artists of that era took folk/traditional art forms and transformed them.. In Bengal this was very prevalent… artists looking for inspiration in Ajanta & Elora, taking forms from Chinese and Japanese art etc. I  don’t need to cite examples here… It was a process of evolution and a kind of protest against the imperialism etc.. but that’s almost a hundred years ago.. today taking the style, motifs from the traditional art form makes no sense… also if one is so inspired by Thankha, Kalmakari, Worli, Madhubani, ..why not do it the right way: go to the real source, learn the techniques and grammar from a let say, a Thangka guru and follow it like all folk/traditional artists/craftsmen do? And create genuine folk forms? No, the contemporary artist after attending 4-5years of art college training (learning mostly Western art, style, techniques etc) would go out and make atrocious copy of folk style and sell it of as contemporary art!! It is cheating. Its so unfair as the folk, tribal artists don’t command astronomical prices or respect like the ‘Con’ temporary artists do!!!

*you can view my works here..


Art Today.. in India

The other day I received an email inviting me to give few of my paintings in a ‘charity exhibition’.. the terms were they mustn’t be more that fifty thousand Indian rupees and I get 50% from sale… I agreed and gave away some of my ‘better works’ priced within the prescribed bracket, for it was a good cause. After a few days I get an email from unknown person claiming to have seen my works on the net and has been very impressed etc… and asking the prices of 2 of my works etc. (Not the works I had given away to the Charity exhibition.) I gave her the prices but never heard of her again; Acting on a hunch I just googled and ‘facebooked” her email ID and found her to be some ‘potter’ (one of those who sell ‘designer pots’ to the elite.. not the humble potter who makes clay pots for our daily use, they are generally not on Facebook or on the net!!)

I was amused as the person wasn’t old enough to look like a serious art collector..

Next day I hear from the ‘Charity people’ that I have priced my works over “my market price”… The ‘Potter’ was their spy/ decoy customer… who had enacted the entrapment!!!

This funny and sad episode truly exposes the decadence and utter ignorance that has set into the consumerist Indian society today…

Let me briefly go into the details for the one who are not aware of murky world of “Indian Art” today:

I have been painting and exhibiting my works since 1990 after my completion of four-year of art college from Delhi College of Art, India. I never really took up any job as I wanted a fairly independent life and never believed a true artist should do a 9 to 5!! And fortunately didn’t have to work in a claustrophobic binding environment… Maybe I was more lucky than the ones who had to sustain their families, and thus went on to join various ‘jobs’ available for art graduates…

Its been 20 odd years now… a life of hardship, struggle and most importantly of joy and fulfilment!! I have exhibited and sold my works around the globe… I still remember the money earned (Rs 1500) form the sale of my first work.. it was in Madras… well that some other day!!

When I had my first solo show in 1992 there were some really good art critics and they were the old school types… especially I remember Krishna Chaitanya, K.L. Kaul.. both dead now.. was fortunate to get very encouraging reviews not mention Keshav Malik. Later the art critics and writing about art and artists turned into a business… for a bottle of whiskey or cash one got a headline with razzle-dazzle reviews in our national dailies!! By late 90s the bosses at the newspapers must had got wind of the this nefarious activity and put an end to publishing reviews altogether… the critics went to town: “its mass commercialisation, the media doesn’t want to waste its precious columns/newsprint on something as insignificant as art…when they can earn a huge amount from advertisement etc!!” The reason must have been both. The once mighty art critics went around writing for artist’s brochures and invitation cards!!

The one thing I have always have been intrigued is how to sell a painting and how to set a price… here I must tell you the story of my ragging:

I was being raged by two very serious, senior, arty types, the first day of my art college…

Two-serious-senior-arty-types: ‘What is art”?

Me-nervous-fresher: ‘Art is the out pouring of our soul…blah, blah, blah..’

Serious-senior-arty-types: ‘Is it like a part of us etc?’

Me nervous-fresher (now falling in the trap): Yes a part of us…

“Like our own blood… like our offspring?”

“Yes, yes…” I replied getting very carried away now..

Their next remark still rings in my ears:

“Then tell me how come we sell our art? Would you sell your son or daughter?!!”

It was a funny comparison but it made sense…

A painting/sculpture is very dear to us..and selling it is a difficult act. Leonardo carried Mona Lisa around for 16 years (it was a commissioned work)… on pretext it wasn’t finished yet!! But then it is also a happy occasion that its accepted and appreciated. I still feel the pang when I finally pack a work off to a buyer.. never to see it again. But I think these emotions are now a thing of the past with the crazy advent of art as a commodity, as an investment… the craze to sell overpowers all other emotions. Agree selling our work is important as its also our only source of livelihood.. here am referring to artists who are refereed to as “full-time”. But that’s how it is and has always been.. since a long-long time.

Something changed as we entered an era of liberalisation et al… suddenly there were loads of buyers, art galleries (these are not to be confused with galleries in the west… these are basically basements owned by rich husbands to lets his bored wives do a bit of arty business!!) and lot more ‘artists’ selling their wares!!! Artists and buyers both were now in a frenzy pace to become hot selling artists and big collectors respectively!! Like this diamond merchant from Bombay who bought some of my paintings sometime back. Within a few months he emailed me to know if my “works are going to go up or has they gone up etc?”!! I told him they don’t go up and down like the stock market and anyway I am no ‘investment’ artist!! He felt betrayed and remorseful!! I don’t expect him to buy my works ever in the future!!

Some years back when I was in Delhi I would visit my artist friends’ studios while they are painting. They all painted in a frenzy… and all using Acrylic, the most important invention of all time in the medium of painting! No fuss, no smell (o I love the smell of linseed and turpentine…my wife loves me more because of that..she says!!) drys off as it leaves the brush!! And once in a while these artists would move away from their ‘masterpiece’ and ask: “बिकेगी? Will this sell, Roy?” Not how the work is coming along etc!!

They all goaded me as to why am not exhibiting and that there are so many buyers… and mostly they would laugh at my size… that is the size of my paintings!! I generally paint “small size” accordingly to them… like a 9×6 inches or a 10×12 (20x30cm, 30x 40cm)etc!! The maximum size I would paint was about 20×30 inches or 30″x 40″ (100cm x90cm). Well the arguments was if you paint large sizes you get more money!! That is, a large painting is valued more in the Indian art market than a small 10x12inches!! So all these frenzied mad artists were busy painting humongous sizes like 78x 120inches!! Also during this time I heard the bizarre story that artists in Bombay (the so-called Art capital of India) are now selling their works at ‘square inch rate’… that is each artist has a rate say – Rs 1000 per sq. inch’!! I, of course didn’t believe it till I got this email from the ‘Charity people’ who ‘calculated’ my ‘rate’ by taking a quote of some of my works and then dividing it by the size of the canvas!!! God please help me… (this is coming from a staunch atheist!!)

Yes size can be one of the factors.. but it is not the only factor which can make up the price of a painting!! Size only can affect the physical part of the painting.. like a big size canvas, more paint, more on logistics, may take more time and ‘labour’!!… But these cant makeup the cost-value of the painting… a paintings cost because of its artistic cannot be calculated with the size of the canvas… it makes me sick even to explain all this… this is so fundamental, even a child knows!! So what are those? The quality of the work is first and foremost… and this the artist decides..mostly…we asses our work first and then put a price, also I have had many a discussions with gallery owners or friends and have taken their views too… I judge my works very critically.. why it should be so priced..etc and it’s always the quality of the work.. the workmanship, skill… For artists are all human and we don’t paint, cant paint in the same quality every time.. that’s why we have this concept of a Masterpiece.. meaning a master’s piece.. the best of the best.. and likewise we do produce some bad paintings..trash!! And those, I paint over…reuse, linen/ canvas is expensive!!

An artist can’t possibly paint consistently, our quality, skill, workmanship, etc. keep changing from canvas to canvas.. from one period to another… So lets say a canvas 24×30 inches can’t possibly be exactly as beautiful as the next one.. so how can 2 works with the same size be priced same? Yes its convent for the galleries (Art shops) do price them evenly..but the artist must hold his ground..this his territory. He must decide.

There is also a policy a senior artist must price his work high.. and I don’t get it… there were some who sold all their life works at a very consistent and affordable prices.. even when they were very famous.. I recall an Artist from Bengal who kept her prices very middle class through out her life!!

And now we have most artists (who are senior) trying to command unheard of prices only because they are old..and have been painting for long!!

The tragedy is that many of them try to fix a price according to their years in the circuit…which calculates to such an astronomical figure that they don’t end up selling at all!! Recently one of them committed suicide as he was unable to sell!! I had known him since my art college days… a humble stupid man.. he rose high and for some years was very successful… but then he kept increasing his price..trying to keep up with others of his hierarchy… and a time came there wasn’t any buyer left who could afford him!! He died penniless!!

I am not in their league and I have kept my prices very humble… giving away many of my work free at times.

But my price is my price and i set it…not by size!! by my conviction of what its artistic merit is..

To come back to the ‘Charity Art people’..they told me I would have to bring price down and they gave me a figure!! Of course I had already backed out of the show!! But they were not used to artists standing up to them… they told me most of the “(Indian) art buyers are well-educated and well versed with both trends as well as pricing of the works of the participating artists.” The farce of selling and buy art has come to such that it’s now reduced to just taking a sample off and a simple calculation.. lo and behold you have the pricing of an artists!!! Just the way one shops for curtain/upholstery material, fabric!! My wife when she heard this said: “Tell the ‘Potter spy’ to make large-sized pots… it would definitely fetch her some big money!!!

This is where we have a dark damp pit!! Imagine now sculptors selling their wares by kilogrammes!!! Rs 1000 per kg!! Or by volume?

What about writing? Poems? and short story writers? Lev Tolstoy’s War and Peace would make a killing while Hemingway’s Old Man and The Sea would find it tough going!!

When we judge some of the well know works around the world do we do so it by size?

 Les Iris Oil on canvas 71 cm × 93 cm (28 in × 36.625 in) 1889 Sold Price: $105, 000,000!!

What is the size of Mona Lisa? (77 ×53cm), Sunflowers (92.1×73cm) and Irises (71×93cm) by Van Gogh… some of Monet’s Lilies are large.. but his intention were not to get more out of buyers!!

Here lets talk only of living contemporary artists… The pricing farce has reach such ludicrous level that some time you just feel like you are in a mad house!! For example we all are aware there is a price for things attached to famous /infamous people… those who are dead and gone long back… like if I had an umbrella used by Monet, it would get me good money… its knickknacks like these which ‘item collectors’ pay and is often auctioned, quite understandable… they have their charm. But does it make sense in a country like ours where the so labelled ‘famous senior artist’ selling their scribbles, mindless drawings etc. for over cores of Indian rupees?!! This idiotic piece of ‘Pen and Ink’ on paper by Jogen Chowdhury (alive, famous-senior-artist-type) is priced at Rs.1,500,000 / USD $33,333 ?!! Its laughable..and plain stupid that someone will ever may pay such an amount!!

I want to end this essay with S.H. Raza, was in news recently for his work went for around $3,486,965 or approximately Rs 16 crore, a record amount and the media has gone mad over fact media person is hoping who will now break this ‘record’ and reach a Rs 20 crore !! à la cricket score!! I am shocked at the vanity of this lady (wife of a business man) who could spent such an amount on a painting which by all account is just a painting.. one hangs on one’s wall to decorate one’s home or office!! I say so because a Raza painting is not going to drive millions to line up outside her house to gaze at it… thus earning her or the Indian government any revenue. It’s not a Van Gogh or a Monet. Some year back I went to Basel (Switzerland) to see Van Gogh’s landscapes.. the exhibition was mounted on such a scale that the entire country was involved. From airlines, trains, buses, hotels… all were geared up for millions of art lovers and tourists who came from all over the world. Last summer I spent a month in and around Florence and saw the queue outside the museum.. people were waiting for over 5 hours to just buy the tickets to get in!! Imagine how much the Italian government earns from its’ collection of Leonardos and Michelangelos.. India and Raza have to wait for some time for that!! In the meantime I wish this buyer could have bought up a ‘museum full’ of works by talented artists from the same amount!! $3,486,965 could easily have bought her as many as 1162 paintings @ rate of  $3000 (approx. Rupees 1,50,000)!!

Anyway now about artist S.H.Raza, alive, famous-senior-artist-type. After spending over 50 years in France when Raza wanted to donate his works etc to the place where he lived the city municipal refused!! Non of his works have been acquired by any of France’s innumerable Museums…He returned to India few years back and I remember had gone to a nondescript art gallery in Haus Khas, New Delhi.. to get my works back.. as I waited patiently.. being told curtly by the gallery manager, “We have customers!!” as some foreign tourist walked in.. and all staff got busy sucking up to them!! Of course I raised hell and shot back, “And an artist is nothing? Is this a shop or an art gallery? Hold your customers at bay and return my works at once!!” In this melee an aspiring journalist who had come to interview the gallery owner came up to me and I took the opportunity to give ‘the interview’!! Told her some hard facts about the state of art we live in!! On one corner of this art shop sat the company parrot making one phone call after the other, à la telemarketing. Parroting the same line over and over:

“We have Raza, we have Raza, world-famous artist, M F Husain’s friend blah-blah -blah etc”

It was pathetic… neither the caller nor the ones he was calling had any idea about the artist!! They must have got hold of his work as the old man was in town!!

Now wheelchair bound and painting in his lonely apartment. Outside a long queue of art galleries, art collectors awaiting to snatch up whatever Raza can paint…The scenario is like on National Geographic TV.. the vultures closing on an old dying majestic elephant!!

you can view my works here..