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I don’t understand this public anger and lampooning of a new baba on the scene these days:

Nirmal Baba!! As if he is the first of its kind!!

I am remained of the ‘मछली Baba’ in ‘Joy Baba Felunath’ from my childhood days!! He of course didn’t recommend mouth-watering yummy samosas or gulabjamuns… only uneatable ‘মন্ত্র-পুত-শর্ক’ i.e মাছের আঁশ (fish scales)!! Maybe the uproar is caused because of his faith in samosa/ rasugollla’s curative and remedial values and not in ‘चरनाम्रिता’* or in tying black thread or relying on a red handkerchief. Now everyone in India has joined in to jeer poor Nirmal Baba!! And all are busy putting one-another down with scientific-rational-clear-headedness!! It is of course a stance taken to cover ‘their shame and self consciousness’ about their faith. Most Indians want to pretend that they are not what the West think they are… a country full of superstitions, beliefs and a billion gods etc. We are very defensive about this and thus are busy condemning our own faiths and beliefs and our Gurus and Babas. They don’t realise they maybe condemning one Baba… but there are a million Babas and a billion habits and beliefs we follow, every day of our lives in India for a long-long time now!! And there is nothing wrong with that… if we are not preaching hate and are not a closed society. During the long Imperialism, the West constantly derided us about our faith and beliefs, thus inculcated a shame in us about our faith and beliefs. We hide our sacred thread with shame or our amulets around our arms or our red threads on the wrist… or a mala/talismans around our necks.. But you travel around the world and you will see people wear a cross around their neck (or any symbol of faith) with pride!! They are not apologetic. The entire world civilization is based on this… I don’t think if one has a few superstitions.. it doesn’t hurt anyone and in fact it gives us power and a positive frame of mind which no logical, rational ideas can give. All around the world superstitions and blind faiths etc. is practised and will continue to. No one is a fraud and nothing is superstitious or wrong or criminal etc… all is a matter of Faith!! All organised religions of the world are a set of faiths… There is also a notion our faiths like these, will keep us backward etc. But see the Japanese, the Jews in Israel or the West… they too have faiths, superstitions and rituals without logic and doing very well. Faith never hurts anyone… nor does it stops us from progressing. There is another logic very prevalent in India that superstitions and blind faith makes us weak and cowards!! They don’t.. on the contrary, it gives courage to face any adversity.. There is the example of Mohinder Amarnath, one of most gutsy cricket players the Cricket playing nations have ever seen. In the 70s and 80s non could face the fast bowling of the legendary West Indian pace bowlers… Amarnath was one of the few who could take it like a man… He used a red handkerchief to peek out of his pocket!!

Rituals, small gestures are part of human nature. I remember during the ‘IFA Shield’ football matches in Calcutta in the 70s. The Bengali/Indian footballers who would smartly lineup before entering the football field and then each of them would bend and touch the ground with their hand and back to their forehead or heart…my father, an atheist would deride form of rituals etc. He was very proud of the visiting Soviet players (those days most clubs came from the Eastern Bloc) who would just haphazardly enter the arena!!!

I just witnessed the Euro Cup 2012 in Poland… all European footballers reverently did this ritual of pranaam!!

A sadhu I met who recounted his journeys across India. Bare feet, chimta and a kamandal. Nabadwip, Krishnagar, India Jan 2011.

For some they (Gurus, Baba, Temple etc.) are like their Saviour (god-like) and for a non-believer a charlatan… at the end of the day all that matters is who and what gives your mind some peace, some consolation… it can be a golgappa/ rasugollla* recommended by Nirmal baba or tying a red thread around your wrist or in Darga.. (the Sarkozyes were in India and they did the same… now they have a child!! I wonder how many will find that funny and deride that!!) any form of ritual one believes in… if these give your mind some peace and brings back your confidence and you are able to get-up from your broken-down mental/physical state of being… why not? So I feel one must not make fun of any gurus… for some they are of great importance and help…Exactly like Allopathic doctors (psychiatrist) of modern age… they listen to your problem..and give you verbal consolation.. maybe some tablets.. if you have faith it may work… many a times it does not…as we can see from the result of so many in the West.. rich and successful yet not happy.. unable to even get a good night sleep.. or are unable to get rid off their many problems (psychological etc.) though they have the best of the medical science behind them!! We in India have long, strong tradition of following our gurus.. in all our past we had many Gurus… and after centuries these Gurus turn into Gods for us… and many in their own time were crucified and killed or humiliated….

Most Gurus direct their followers to be free from sinful activities and encourage them to engage in devotional services. I have no problems with any such gurus, babas and sadhus… unless they are teaching hate… which they don’t. I heard/viewed (as I was curios about Niraml Baba, a few episodes..) in all he was seen giving away very simple solutions and some were very nice suggestions like distribute samosa/ rasugollla to the poor etc!! There was no hate or preaching of discrimination etc. His followers are convinced his advice works.. so why are others so eager to prove it doesn’t work? At least he is not asking his ardent followers to slaughter/sacrifice/क़ुरबानी (kurbani) of large animals like cows or camels!!!

Science is yet to comprehend our hearts and minds… till that time humans will continue to have this form of faith.. condemning or ridiculing is a foolish approach as all of us have such faiths.. it is only a matter of degree…If one is expected to become very rational and scientific about every little beliefs, faiths, superstitions etc. it will not as old as human civilisation…

“A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it. “— Rabindranath Tagore


*The Christians every Sunday would go and line up in church and take communion or ‘eat bread’ (the belief is it’s not bread and wine, it’s Christ’s flesh and blood) and we go to temples and drink “चरनामित्र”… if we sit down and analyse this: one is just bread..made from wheat/आटा is H2O with some sugar etc. but faith make us believe it will do us good.. why not make fun of that?!!


On our paintings being photographed by onlookers while working in plein air etc.

The idea of Chinese/Indonesian or Taiwanese “tourist” travelling thousands of miles to Europe or America then tracing down “artists” painting outdoors and shooting their works…mind you these aren’t even finished!! Taking these back to Asia and making prints and earning huge profits!!

Non of us are such great artists that we have to guard our works from anyone!! And anyway the Chinese* have great artists in their country with a rich tradition of painting!! All the great arts of the world are free for all of us to see, download.. get high quality prints or get them in coffee-table books etc.

If we do get admires etc. when we work outdoors (I would count myself lucky and blessed) we should be gracious and let them take pictures of our works etc… non of us are so great and grand that we need to worry… the ones who do; should paint in padlocked basements.. and never show their works to anyone free except those who buy tickets and are searched thoroughly for any electronic devices.. just in case it (precious work of art!!) lands in “those Chinese hands”!!

I have seen many “great” artists like that on the Net and on FB.. who would put a big ‘copyright © water-mark’ on their works!! Thus making their already ugly works more unbearable!! My suggestion to them.. this is a visual medium.. and if you don’t want us to see.. use padlock and tickets as suggested earlier!! Don’t think so highly of your work.. be humble…as we in the Orient always say.. “it is all God’s gift.. nothing is mine..” that’s why we don’t sign our works unlike in the West!! If Mona Lisa, Sunflowers (Van Gogh), Lilies (Monet) and the great Oriental Artists works are all available freely (for viewing etc.); we should not be so petty!! Remember we all have the right to view art free…we pay only when we buy.. or have to visits a museum.. some Museum are also free and some have certain days kept free for viewing etc. Many museums allow cameras…

“An artist needn’t be a clergyman or a churchwarden, but he certainly must have a warm heart for his fellow men.”

― Vincent Van Gogh

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

― Vincent Van Gogh


 * Some ‘painters’ were getting paranoid with Chinese tourists photographing their works etc. with the assumption that these tourist have actually have been sent to shoot pictures of the plein-air artists works and go back and make prints on a commercial scale etc.


In the room the women come and go,

Talking of Michaelangelo. 

― T.S. Eliot

The sight of ‘Artists’, grossly overweight, in designer clothes, attending art shows, sipping cocktails… talking in gibberish English, everyday of the year!

Sometimes I do miss that sight?!!

Who are these people crowding the art scene? They don’t smell of turpentine or linseed oil… their hands are clean and perfumed… Not the kind which has prepared clay or has ever picked up the chisel and hammer to sculpt…

Once upon a time an artist had a face, one could recognise― a face and a body evolved and tempered by his work. Now these bunch of sissies look they have come straight from the hairdresser to attend an Indian wedding!!

So who are these jokers?

These are actually members of a club!! A club meant only for the phonies, fakes and the pretentious… going around in disguise of artists, curators, art gallery owners, art critics, art connoisseurs, celebrities, pretentious buyers and collectors… they corner most part of the pie.. from government aids in form of scholarships, to getting lucrative art projects and large commission based works viz. murals, designing pavilions in trade shows, state sponsored art projects, art books etc. to shows around the world and getting gallery bookings (in public galleries) without waiting in the queue etc. They are visible on page 3 of daily newspapers or on TV, and they are regularly invited to attain art shows…

This leaves the rest, the ones who had talent, went to art college with real interest in art and have been working in their respective fields sincerely, to struggle on…

Art and artists have their share of problems… from non-artist pretending to be artist, hogging the lime light and the real talent getting sidelined; gallery owners duping young upcoming artists and art-critics writing praises for a bottle of whisky.. we have faced it all.. and continue to..

These self-appointed artists are so well-connected and entrenched in the society that they can easily get gallery bookings, get the media to advertise and most importantly influence the potential buyers into buying works from their curated shows.. and in return pocket a cut from the sale!! Some of these curators seeing the immense sale from art shows these days in India have now started to paint!! It is not difficult.. splash ‘the-quick-drying-acrylic-paint’ on large canvases.. get them framed well.. title the show with a bombastic name, write an incomprehensible account of the works on the catalogue.. hold mammoth a show..and you are a celebrity painter with everyone singing praises of your work and talent!! You have sold all your works at an exuberant price!! And next year the Government will take notice of ‘your talent’ and may buy some of your works for their Museums or Government offices etc. or send you to some foreign land for an art show!! You will heard telling all and sundry that you are ‘an unique combination of being the first certified art curator of India and an artist’!!

I think the Internet has finally given ‘us’ a chance, a voice and a means to showcase our works and survive without selling our soul. We must utilize this medium and fight back… for we have nothing to lose but everything to gain by exposing these bunch of phonies, fakes and the pretentious.

Art can also be a medium of protest for just causes… Cartoons: Art of Protest… ideally who else, but an artist can do that well?!!  And artists can lead the society to a better life.. art can show the mirror image of the society we live in…

The cartoon has been reproduced here with the kind permission of © Manoj Kureel

We, the artist community face problems like any other.. Artists are part of the society and their participation in it is vital.. And in the present socio-economic condition of the world one shouldn’t be only attending art openings wearing designer wear and sipping wine!!

Logbook of an Unknown Artist

 Art of Animesh Roy


Still Life with Vase, Baigun & LemonsOil on Linen52×442012

For Sale

Still life with Apples and Oranges

Oil on Linen

65X50 cm

May 2012

For Sale




Still Life with Blue Vase, Apples & Lemons

Oil on Linen

62×52 cm approx.

(Painted edge to edge of the canvas)


For Sale


Still Life with Oranges-IIOil on Linen68×58 cm approx.(Painted edge to edge of the canvas/Sides painted etc.)

May 2012

For Sale


Still Life with Blue Vase & Oranges23.2×23.2 Inches58x58cm approx.Oil on Linen

28 June 2012

For Sale




Oil on Linen

26-27 June 2012

For Sale

Old OaksOil on Linen32 x 32 cmJuly-Aug 2012

For Sale

Old Oaks-II

Oil on Linen
32 x 31 cm

July-Aug 2012

For Sale

Blossoming Almond Trees39x30cmOil on LinenMay 2012

For Sale

Zaniemysl Lake-IIOil on Linen18x18cm7.1x 7.1 inches


For Sale


Zaniemysl Lake16.5 x16.5cmOil on Canvas2012

For Sale


Blossming Wild Cheery Trees Oil on Linen35x31cm approx.April 2012

For Sale




IrisesOil on Linen24x24cm9.4×9.4 inches


For Sale



Lotus Oil on Canvas29×28 Inches74cm x 71cm

Oct 2009

For Sale

Blossming Wild Cheery Trees-II Oil on Linen35x31cm approx.April 2012

For Sale


Blossoming Wild Cherry Trees-V75x35cm approx.
Oil on Linen
April 2012
For Sale

Little Pond, next to River Warta 54x50cmOil on Linen2012

For Sale


House with Yellow Roof and Line of Trees on Farmland 68 x 68 cmOil On LinenApril 2012

For Sale

Tuscan Landscape Oil on Linen65 x 60 cm22-23 March 2012

For Sale


Olive Garden-II Oil on Linen21 x 21 cm2011-12

For Sale


Water and Land-II 100x81cm39.4×31.9 inchesOil on Linen


For Sale


Early Morning Mist Over the Lake 100x81cm 39.4×31.9 inches Oil on Linen


For Sale





Himalaya 100x81cm39.4×31.9 inchesOil on Linen


For Sale

Water and Land 100x81cm39.4×31.9 inchesOil on Linen


For Sale


Old Farmhouse with Path 23x18cm approx. Oil on Linen 10 June 2011Painted on Location For Sale


Reflection-1 50x40cm Oil on LinenSept 2008

For Sale



Blossoming Acacia-3 Oil on Linen62×60 cm aprox23 May 2011

Painted on Location

For Sale


Awaiting-II, Oil on Canvas 73×60 cm /28.7×23.6 inches Nov. 2010Painted on Location For Sale
‘Awaiting-2’ is one of the nudes from a series that i have been working on for over a year now…


Poppy and Vetch Fields, Oil on Linen 70cm x 40cm 2007 SOLD
Yellow Roses /Roses, Poznan, Poland Oil on Linen 30cm x 30cm / 11.8×11.8 inchesMay 2007 For Sale
Blue Sky – Poppy Fields, Oil on Linen 33cm x 24cm Year: 2007 Poznan Poland Painted on Location For Sale


Birch Trees and Summer Flowers,  Oil on Linen 41cm x 33cm 2007Painted on Location For Sale




Landscape, Oil on Linen 40cmx40cm/15.7″x15.7″ February 2009 For SaleFor SalePainted with knife—like most of my works. A thick impasto, almost like a relief sculpture. This one has very broad and clear strokes. I don’t like to rework on my oils.. most are done very spontaneously without too much rubbing or layers.


Snowscape-2, Oil on Linen 40X50cm 2 January 2009Poznan, Poland Painted on Location For Sale
Autumn-2, Oil on Linen 40x40cm, Year: 2008Poznan, Poland Painted on Location For Sale
Reflection, Autumn70x 70 cm27.6×27.6 InchesOil on Linen
4 Nov 2011

Painted on Location

For Sale


Reflection, Autumn70x 70 cm 27.6×27.6 Inches, Oil on Linen4 Nov 2011

Painted on Location

For Sale


Autumn, Oil on Linen 41x33cm October 2008Poznan, PolandPainted on Location

For Sale

White Birches  Oil on Linen 30cm x 30cm 2007 SOLD
Poppies and Old House oil on canvas 50cm x 40cm SOLD
Irises and Farm House Oil on Linen 33cm x 24cm 2007 For Sale Painted sitting at my friend Gosia’s farm. Summer 2007. Poznan, Poland.
Irises-II Oil on Linen 30cm x 30cm Poznan, Poland 2007 Painted on LocationFor Sale


Waterscape-II 74X71cm Oil on Canvas SOLD


Kalina Flowers (viburnum flowers) and A Window Oil on Linen 59X47cm June 2010 Painted on LocationFor Sale
Alone In Bed-2 Oil on Linen 24x30cm 20 Feb 2010Poznan, Poland For Sale


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MF Husain died today… but for some he was never there…

Many years back MF Husain, was seen uncomfortably moving around our Art College¹ office courtyard… And our ‘art professors’ were seen peeping through their ‘office’ windows… it was our break time. I was sitting on the grassy lawns of our campus with some of my friends. It looked so uncomfortably stupid… here was this Art College in the heart of nation’s capital, and in here had come an iconic artist…( I don’t know the reason why). And no one was brave enough to go upto him, talk to him etc. During our lunch break all of us would be setting on the lawns, on the courtyard steps or in the canteen. We all watched this iconic artist strolling around uncomfortably… not knowing what to do.. maybe he was waiting for his appointment with some one..or he may had come to meet the principal or something…

Photo courtesy of © Pankaj Sharma

As I watched this lanky man amble around.. and all eyes watching him in awe… I decided with my friends to go over to him and invite him to sit with us on the lawns.. I went upto him, and he agreed and came and sat with our group of about 4 friends!! I still remember the peeping art professors turning red!!

By the way our art teachers made sure never to invite any of the ‘real artists’ from the outside world, ever to interact with the students for fear of their stature getting more dwarfed than from their already pygmy sizes!!

We all sat down and treated him as one of our friends.. he had no airs and spoke as one of us.. we asked if he would have tea and he readily agreed!! I ran towards our canteen… and reaching the counter hollered:

“Kamal (he was our canteen owner and chef!! who could rustle up lovely tea, samosa, bread pakora, rice, dal, kardhi…) make tea… 5 cups! Jaldi!!” and Kamal with a dour face replied:

“No milk!!”

 I shouted “Kamal we have MF Husain.. please!!”

 Kamal hearing this got equally excited and enthusiastically replied:

 “No problem!! We’ll make black tea.. Husain Saab loves black tea!!”

 So we rushed back with our black tea and had tea with MF Husain!!

 Of course I become more unpopular with my college staff… and had to struggle through my stay there for 4 long years²…


*MF Husain died today (9 June 2011)?! 

But for some he was never there.. so the heading of my essay reads — ‘MF Husain Is Dead… Today?!!’ (2011-06-09) This blog was written when I heard the news of Husain’s death last summer. Indian Art Collectors (a well know art website) was kind enough to publish it then. The extraordinarily beautiful portrait of MF Husain was taken by Pankaj Sharma, also an alumni of Delhi Art College. He has kindly agreed to let me publish it here.

¹Delhi Art College, New Delhi, India


Wheat Harvest, Early Summer Noida Villages, India Oil on Canvas, 38.5cm x 38.5cm, April 2008. SOLD

Some paintings do have a story… this one sure does have one…

It was my first of series of paintings I did in the plein air just before the wheat harvest.. in fields along Yumuna river in Noida (UP).

I went in with my painting equipments etal in the late afternoon …as the April sun can be very strong early on.. I found the wheat just the right colour.. whitish yellow, ripen..and the plant golden yellow.

Finding a spot i went about starting my work… working in oils is always messy and complicated… and doing it outdoors can be sometimes tormenting!! I was quite happy this painting came out well… some don’t and then there is a struggle to make it well..and I hate that moment..when the painting is not getting the right look!! Thus immersed in work, trying to finish the painting, when i noticed a small girl standing close to my elbow… and she blurted out a startled “Hello!!” I realised on the road next to the fields was a big black car and next to it her parents… all ogling at me…

Crowds, passerby coming up and asking questions is part of plein air adventure.. unless it’s the police..or the military..which can be sometimes messy!!

When I smiled at them, they all trooped in and the usual conversation started…

“Wow! lovely!! you just did that…? We saw you when going towards our farmhouse an hour back… you paint so fast, do you sell? etc etc”.

They went away promising to come over to my studio and buying… (which of course they never did!!)

By the time I cleaned brushes, palette and packed up, it was dark and i dumped all paints, oils, easels into the back seat and only the wet painting in the dickey of the car… the biggest problem of oil is to bring back wet painting home safely… my work is thick impasto..with fresh colours like a relief..a kind of a torte!! and one little touch or it getting softly rubbed will completely spoil it..

I kept the wet canvas on the floor of the car dickey.. which i generally keep empty.

On the way home i stooped by for some tea at my friend’s small tea shop next to the fields.. back home i didn’t want to open the dickey in the dark and bring out the wet canvas and carry it three floors up.. so left it to do so the next day. Rest of my painting gear lies always in the car.

Next day I had some work in the day in Delhi so I left in my car and after finishing my work I drove straight back to the Noida fields… I started a new work as soon as I reached without even taking out the wet one lying in the that once done I can lineup the two works and compare and also do the last minute touch ups..

So once done with the second painting i went to my car to open the dickey.. to take out the painting.. and what I saw broke my heart!! In the night i hadn’t realised the existence of an old stupid empty plastic bottle!! which had been using the wet canvas as a dance floor…

So here it was, a finished work had a plastic bottle rolling all over it the whole time i was driving back home and then to Delhi and back…

Many of my works are very spontaneous..and I don’t rub and repaint over and over.. I like the strokes to show… and here all those lovely thick impasto were all smothered!!  It had never happened this scale.. though it does happen.

Anyway with a dogged determination I went about recreating…I don’t like to sit on a work which I have once finished…

At the end though I doubt anybody can make out that this painting had a makeover?!! Can you?

you can view my works here..

This is a list* of paintings I have sold so far: 2009-10-11; its a signal to all my well-wishers that am still eating and staying afloat in this prolonged financial mess!!

I am no ‘paint-by-night-sell-by-day-acrylic-on-canvas-artist’!!

I have never hung on (like parasites do) to an art institutionº or go from one Foreign Aid/ Scholarship to another to stay afloat.. I have never tired to get into any art college do my ‘Masters’ and more!!

I didn’t had to create Video Art, installation art etc. to stay in news…

I have kept it simple by the old fashion way, old school style of painting and painting with Oils (mostly) on Linen – the classic time-tested medium of the Masters!! My paintings are simple and the titles are kept as simple as possible… using the the KISS theory: Keep-It-Simple-Stupid!! I know I could have sold more if my paintings were titled say ‘Metamorphosis’¹ and not ‘Yellow Rose in Blue Vase’!!

 I don’t go into the territory of ‘Fantasia Art’ or ‘Naive Art’ (or is it ‘Child Art’?)²

I don’t try to take on the Folk or Tribal³ art and reinvent them!!


ºArt institutions & Art Scholarships

 I went to art college, just after my school years.. I was young and naive then… but realised the first day in there, that I haven’t got anything much to learn here… so once I complete my 4 years I ran as fast as I could!! To start my real learning of art!!

Am of course referring here to the tribe of artists; who after they have finished their basic Bachelor degrees in Art went on do their Masters etc and later latched on to any “foreign Study Aid/Scholarships/Freebies”!! Last I heard, some of them are still at it!! It’s been more than 20 long years that we graduated from our art college (1990).

I had no idea one has to study(?) so much for so long to become an artist!! The fact of the matter is that these institutions/scholarships are of financial benefits and these artists manage to live off them permanently!!


 During my college days there was a junior who had put up his paintings for our yearly college art show.. and titled them as ‘Metamorphosis’.

I knew him as one who didn’t know a word of English and of course had never heard of ‘Kafka’ etc …so when I asked him why and does he know the meaning?

“No, it’s to impress the art collectors!!” was his reply with a sly smile!! A fast learner… now his works sell at astronomical prices!!

This is a very old trick in an artists’ repertoire.. to keep his works and titles as ambiguous as possible.. as display of the artists’ maturity and depth of emotion etc… Once I made a list of names, titles of exhibitions, paintings…and showed it to an English professor… he was of course dumb founded!! It was meaningless, mindless, gibberish rubbish!!! But to art loving Indian collectors it must have made sense.. for they all rushed in to buy them!!

Example of Child or Naive Art

²Have you seen a child’s painting? They are so beautiful and I don’t see any reason for us adults to steal their ideas and paint like them and then sell them to art connoisseur at exuberant prices!! Its not fair to the child!!

Thangka, Tanjore, Kalamkari & Madhubani Paintings (l to r)

³Folk, Tribal Art and It’s Reinvention by the ‘Con’ temporary artists!!!

 In the same way why take the forms from ‘Thangka’ art or ‘Kalamkari’? Let them be… they anyway do a much better job of painting a Buddha or a Krishna!! And they are much more reasonably priced than the ones copied by so called ‘contempory artist’!!

These trends can only be explained with a bit of our (Indian) art history.. dating back when Nationalism was in rise during the fag end of nineteenth century 1890s) and beginning of twentieth century (1900-47). Many artist consciously-subconsciously wanted to reject anything which was coming from the West.. Western art etc and so they looked inward, in their backyard.. and to the Oriental art. Artists of that era took folk/traditional art forms and transformed them.. In Bengal this was very prevalent… artists looking for inspiration in Ajanta & Elora, taking forms from Chinese and Japanese art etc. I  don’t need to cite examples here… It was a process of evolution and a kind of protest against the imperialism etc.. but that’s almost a hundred years ago.. today taking the style, motifs from the traditional art form makes no sense… also if one is so inspired by Thankha, Kalmakari, Worli, Madhubani, ..why not do it the right way: go to the real source, learn the techniques and grammar from a let say, a Thangka guru and follow it like all folk/traditional artists/craftsmen do? And create genuine folk forms? No, the contemporary artist after attending 4-5years of art college training (learning mostly Western art, style, techniques etc) would go out and make atrocious copy of folk style and sell it of as contemporary art!! It is cheating. Its so unfair as the folk, tribal artists don’t command astronomical prices or respect like the ‘Con’ temporary artists do!!!

*you can view my works here..