On our paintings being photographed by onlookers while working in plein air etc.

The idea of Chinese/Indonesian or Taiwanese “tourist” travelling thousands of miles to Europe or America then tracing down “artists” painting outdoors and shooting their works…mind you these aren’t even finished!! Taking these back to Asia and making prints and earning huge profits!!

Non of us are such great artists that we have to guard our works from anyone!! And anyway the Chinese* have great artists in their country with a rich tradition of painting!! All the great arts of the world are free for all of us to see, download.. get high quality prints or get them in coffee-table books etc.

If we do get admires etc. when we work outdoors (I would count myself lucky and blessed) we should be gracious and let them take pictures of our works etc… non of us are so great and grand that we need to worry… the ones who do; should paint in padlocked basements.. and never show their works to anyone free except those who buy tickets and are searched thoroughly for any electronic devices.. just in case it (precious work of art!!) lands in “those Chinese hands”!!

I have seen many “great” artists like that on the Net and on FB.. who would put a big ‘copyright © water-mark’ on their works!! Thus making their already ugly works more unbearable!! My suggestion to them.. this is a visual medium.. and if you don’t want us to see.. use padlock and tickets as suggested earlier!! Don’t think so highly of your work.. be humble…as we in the Orient always say.. “it is all God’s gift.. nothing is mine..” that’s why we don’t sign our works unlike in the West!! If Mona Lisa, Sunflowers (Van Gogh), Lilies (Monet) and the great Oriental Artists works are all available freely (for viewing etc.); we should not be so petty!! Remember we all have the right to view art free…we pay only when we buy.. or have to visits a museum.. some Museum are also free and some have certain days kept free for viewing etc. Many museums allow cameras…

“An artist needn’t be a clergyman or a churchwarden, but he certainly must have a warm heart for his fellow men.”

― Vincent Van Gogh

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

― Vincent Van Gogh


 * Some ‘painters’ were getting paranoid with Chinese tourists photographing their works etc. with the assumption that these tourist have actually have been sent to shoot pictures of the plein-air artists works and go back and make prints on a commercial scale etc.